MOS 2007 Overview

Discover the benefits of Microsoft office specialist 2007
Ready to get the most out of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite? Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2007 certification validates the skills needed to use the powerful features and functionality of the Office 2007 suite. Employees who successfully complete a Microsoft Office Specialist exam have demonstrated the skills necessary to work faster and smarter while improving performance and productivity.

The Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 advantage:

Employees: Complete tasks with greater ease and efficiency and increase professional standing among peers and managers.
Managers: Maximize the benefits of the organization's technology investment and validate your employee development and training programs.
HR departments: Find the most skilled candidates for the job and simplify and shorten the search process.
Businesses: Increase employee effectiveness, productivity and satisfaction while reducing help desk support costs.

Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 provides a continuum for identifying and validating skills:

Microsoft Office Specialist (Core Certification)
Microsoft Office Specialist
Validates skills with the Microsoft Office® 2007 suite.
Available for the most popular Microsoft Office® applications.
Microsoft Office Expert
Microsoft Office Expert
Credential that validates advanced skills with one or more Microsoft Office® applications.
Exams offered on Word® 2007 Expert and
Excel® 2007 Expert.
Microsoft Office Master
Microsoft Office Master
New credential validates advanced Office 2007 skills.
Candidate must pass four exams: Word 2007 Expert, Excel® 2007 Expert and PowerPoint® 2007, and either Access® 2007 or Outlook® 2007.
Help your employees work easier and faster—and increase their job satisfaction. Validate their skills on the most popular Microsoft Office 2007 applications.

Word® 2007
A comprehensive set of writing tools that help users create and share content.
Excel® 2007
A powerful tool for creating spreadsheets, and analyzing and sharing information.
PowerPoint® 2007
Powerful presentation tool that allows users to create professional-looking presentations.
Outlook® 2007
An integrated solution for managing time and information, connecting across boundaries.
Access® 2007
A database solution that allows users to effectively track, report and share information.
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