About PLS

PLS is committed to meet client needs and increase overall company productivity through automated leading solutions. We are dedicated to demonstrating responsible leadership by solid ethical business practices.

PLS Values

  • Smart Work
  • Efficiency without comprising Quality
  • On Time, On Scope and On Budget
  • Get it done
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Solid Work Ethics
  • Equal Resources, Equal Opportunity

PLS Security and Privacy

PLS believes in the security and privacy of it's clients. We will never share any collected information for monies to third party companies. We believe in the opt-in policy for any electronic tranmission media to our clients. We also believe in the protection of our children on the internet and committed to provide any leading solutions that will help keep our children safe on the net.

PLS Community Involvement

PLS believes in helping the community or any project/organization that is making a difference in this global economy.

PLS Disaster Response and Relief

PLS contributes resources to assist in emergency response efforts. Contributions include technology, time and expertise, and other additional help for those in emergency relief.

News and Events

  • Online Webinars
    New classes will be offered online in October. Check back for class schedule and updates.
  • Online Webcasts
    New webcasts will be released in September.
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