Bootcamp: Easy Steps to
Outlook® 2010

Course Overview:
Easy steps in Outlook® 2010 covering Outlook environment, item content, email messages,
contacts, calendar objects, tasks, notes and journal entries.

Course Audience:
This course is desgined for information workers that is seeking deeper comprehension of Outlook® 2010 or advanced their knowledge in Outlook® 2010.

Course Prerequisites:
Basic computer knowledge.
Six months to one year hands-on experience with Outlook® 2010.

Course Objectives:
Easy steps in managing the Outlook environment.
Easy steps in managing Item Content.
Easy steps in managing Email messages.
Easy steps in managing contacts and personal contact information.
Easy steps in managing calendar objects.
Easy steps in managing task, notes and journal entries..

Course Content:

Module 1.
Working with Outlook program options.
Working with Item tags.
Arrange the Content Pane.
Locate items with search and filter tools.
Print an Outlook Item.

Module 2.
Create and send an e-mail messages.
Create and manage Quick Steps.
Create item content.
Format item content.
Attach content to email messages.

Module 3.
Clean up the mailbox.
Create and manage rules.
Manage junk mail.
Manage automatic message content.

Module 4.
Create and modify contacts.
Edit and use an electronic business card.
Create and modify contact groups.
Create a secondary address book.

Module 5.
Create and manage appointments and events.
Create and manage meeting requests.
Working with the Calendar pane.

Module 6.
Create, modify, and mark tasks as complete.
Accept, decline, assign, update, and respond to tasks.
Create and manage notes.
Create and manage Journal entries.

Course IDs: PLS-Web2301, PLS-Instr2301