Bootcamp: Easy Steps to
PowerPoint® 2007 Certification

Course Overview:
Easy steps in PowerPoint® 2007 covers creating and formatting presentations and visual content, as well as how to incorporate graphics, add notes, create animations, themes and more. This course prepares you for the 77-603 exam.

Course Audience:
This course is desgined for information workers that is seeking deeper comprehension of PowerPoint® 2007 to prepare for the certification exam or advanced their knowledge in PowerPoint® 2007.

Course Prerequisites:
Basic computer knowledge.
Six months to one year hands-on experience with PowerPoint® 2007.

Course Objectives:
Easy steps in working with Presentations.
Easy steps in working with Slides.
Easy steps in arranging Visual Content.
Easy steps in Sharing and Presentation Delivery.

Course Content:

Module 1.
Create new presentation from a blank presentation.
Create new presentation from a template.
Customize slide masters.
Add elements to slide masters.
Create and change presentation elements.
Arrange slides.

Module 2.
Insert and format text boxes.
Manipulate text.
Add and link existing content to presentations.
Apply, customize, modify, and remove animations.

Module 3.
Create SmartArt diagrams.
Modify SmartArt diagrams.
Insert illustrations and shapes.
Modify illustrations.
Arrange illustrations and other content.
Insert and modify charts.
Insert and modify tables.

Module 4.
Review presentations.
Protect presentations.
Secure and share presentations.
Prepare printed materials.
Prepare for and rehearse presentation delivery.

Course IDs: PLS-Web2302, PLS-Instr2302